Sound: Viatrophy are a band who attempt epic sounding metal, in the vein of the new era of extreme metal acts such as Eternal Lord, Job For a Cowboy and Black Dahlia Murder. The CD was released on Seige of Amida records in 2007 and the band have toured extensively to promote it. The CD has a very full sound to it, as though every sonic option has been filled with the instruments available. Production wise it is a very strong album, but there are times where the sound can get a little muddy and lost in the mix. // 9

Lyrics and Singing: The lyrics are very hard to make out on this CD, but they are printed on the sleeve so if you are curious you can learn them. When the CD was recorded the band had 2 singers, one of which did solely the low growls and the other the high screams, which works amazingly well, especially live (although now one has left and the live show seems to be lacking in this area). The vocal style fits in perfectly with the music and relates to situations you could imagine a death/hardcore/extreme metal band to be singing about. // 8

Impression: The most impressive song on this EP is Chronicles. It has hooks and a good overall feel to it which suits the genre perfectly. I love the technical skill these guys have. Seeing a bassist warming up before a show with 6 string sweeps on a bass is nothing short of impressive. Songs like Draining What Remains include solo's and good guitar harmonies, with a driving drum sound pushing the instruments right in your face. There seems to be an unlimited amount of bands in the DeathCore, death metal genre at the moment, but Viatrophy stand out due to the sheer immensity of their songs and the quality of the live performance. // 9

HNR Rating: 8.5/10