Thrice - 20th Jan 2010


20th January 2010 Club Academy, Manchester

Words and pictures: Dora Moon


The last time I saw Thrice live was in 2003 whilst they were riding high off the back of artist in the ambulance, and if I’m completely honest I can’t really remember it that well.  Between then and now I drifted in and out of their subsequent releases, non the of the subsequent 4 albums impressing me and as such I was reluctant to pick up Beggars.  I succumbed some time in October and I’ll admit that Beggars caught my attention in a way that their previous material never had – yes including when I was an avid post-hardcore listener. So tonight’s gig is almost like coming full circle to me and a chance to observe Thrice in what is ultimately in their words “four players in a room”.

Unfortunately I got wedged between the loudest drunkest gobbiest arses in the room and bunch of indie-emo fashionistas who were not a day over 17.  Great.  At least  Dustin Kensrue’s guitar drowned them both out.  Club Academy (a last minute down-size) was packed, hot and fully up for it!  It was a slow casual start but old hits such as “Cold hearts and colder cash” soon got the crowd singing along.  And, not completely unsurprisingly, their version of the Beatle’s “Helter Skelter” was a winner with the fans.I have to admit my position in the crowd was not ideal for fully appreciating this gig, but I was rather aware that being 5’2”, getting a decent picture of the band was not going to be easy.  Perhaps if I had been in the thick of it I would not have felt that Thrice were almost routine, going through the motions which included a spot of tedious audience participation – did we want an acoustic version of “Stare at The Sun” or “Come All You Weary”? In case you’re wondering the latter won out on the cheer-meter. 

Saying that this is a band that has always let the music do the preaching – that I can at least remember from seven years ago and I’m happy tonight to learn that hasn’t changed. Here is to the next seven years please.